• 16 March 2019
    Event: Pre St Patrick’s Day Dance Displays
    Times: 10am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm
    Location: Pearl Nursing Home 10am, Palmerston Nursing Home 12:30pm, Tiwi Regis Nursing Home 1:30pm.
  • 16 March 2019
    Event: St Patrick’s Day Races
    Time: Time to be confirmed
    Location: Turf Club
  • 16 March 2019
    Event: NT Irish Association St Patrick’s Day Party
    Time: 5:00pm
    Location: Trailer Boat Club


  • 17 March 2019

Event: St Patrick’s Day Performance
Time:  8:00am -11am -12pm -1pm -1:30pm -2pm -3pm

4pm -5pm -6pm -7pm

Location: Shenannigans -Fiddlers Green – Landmark – Fiddlers Green – The Precinct – Shenannigans – Fiddlers Green

Landmark – The Bell Bar and Bistro – Fiddlers Green – Shenannigans